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Jews vs Baptist

February 23, 2011 by mmyles · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

This week in class we had a guest speaker named Mr. Lippman. He talked to us about his Judaism religion. It really shocked me to find out our religions are totally different. They are more strict with their
religion and family life than Baptist. The first thing that stood out to me is Judaism only believed in the Torah bible which is
the Old Testament. Baptist believe in the Holy Bible which is the Old
and New Testament. Jews leader is the Rabbi and Baptist is the Pastor.
People can only be a Jew if their mom is a Jew or they convert. Being
Baptist we have to believe in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
 The Jews can not eat meat with dairy because that is like committing
a sin. On the other hand, Baptist do not have any food restrictions,
we just fast and pray when we need to see improvements or want a
better life. The Jews use a different calendar from Baptist called a
Hebrew calendar because they do not believe Jesus died and rose on the third day. Baptist live by the grace of disconsation which is life after Christ. Baptist cannot be unequally yoked because
they believe in two different God’s. Jews cannot seek any other
members but Baptist being the sheep should find sheep. The passover
for Jews is when Jews escaped Egypt. They celebrate the day of
Atonement which is ten days after the Passover.

It also shocked me hearing Mr. Lippman say he do not believe in God but he lives by Judaism customs and tradition. Mr. Lippman said that Jews did not betrayed Jesus because he was a Jew. The baptist controversy is some people did not believe Jesus died and rose on the third day. Something that really surprised me is Jews get circumsized and Baptist get baptized to secure their salvation. Baptist only have to live according to the word of God, live by the tenth commandment (basically the first two) and set morals and values.

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  • Ms. J

    Interesting contrast between the Baptist religion and the Jewish religion. Can you think of any similarities the religions share?

  • celineb

    It sounds like you learned a lot about the Jewish faith. Have you seen any signs in your neighborhood of the Jewish faith? Are there places in your neighborhood that used to be or still are places of worship for Jewish people?

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